Programming for Inter-Tel Products

Common programming requests for Inter-Tel systems including the 5000 CS, Axxess, Axxent and Encore.

Inter-Tel 5000 CS, Axxess and Axxent

These systems share very common programming directions, differences will be noted.

Set Time and Date

  1. While telephone is idle, enter "9800". Display shows "DATE:"
  2. Enter Date: MM:DD:YY. If the date is correct, press "#" to skip this entry.
  3. The display will show "TIME". Enter the time in 12-hour format.
  4. The display will show: "Press 1 for AM, press 2 for PM." Select one.
  5. Press "#" to exit.

Toggle Night Mode

The Night mode feature is a toggle, performing one of the steps below will activate Night mode or deactivate Night mode.
  • While telephone is idle, press the "Night" key. The key will be illuminated. 
  • If you do not have a "Night" key, while telephone is idle, dial "9860". 
  • The message on the display will confirm that Night Mode is On/Off.

System Alarms

  1. If a system alarm appears on the display, write down the number. Alert your system vendor and inform them of the code.
  2. To clear the alarm and return the display to normal view, while the phone is idle dial "9850" on standard LCD sets.

Programming System Speed Dial Numbers

Note: If you make a mistake, press MUTE to backspace or * to cancel the entry and start over.

  1. While the phone is idle, dial "9801". 
  2. Enter the Speed storage location number (000-999 on the 5000 CS and Axxess) (01-99 on the Axxent).
  3. Enter the name for the Speed Dial number using the alpha characters on the dial pad.
  4. Press "#" to save the name. 
  5. Enter the telephone number (up to 32 digits) to be stored.

Note: To include a "*","#", pause, or hook flash in the number, press "SPCL": once for "*", twice for "#", three times for hook flash, and four times for a pause.